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Advanced Aesthetics


  • Microface

  • Mico Needling

  • Laser Rejuvenation Facial Glow Up

  • Dermalux

  • Dermaplaning

Vampire/PRP Facial

The real beauty of the Vampire Facial is that it harnesses your body’s own ability to heal and regenerate. A Vampire Facial is a type of PRP treatment that uses your own platelets from your blood to stimulate a healing response. During the treatment, your aesthetic practitioner takes some of your blood, like in a blood test, then places that blood into a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma.


This platelet-rich plasma is then inserted into the deeper layers of the skin on your face using a microneedling device. Once inside your body, the platelets get to work. Stimulating the regeneration of old, weakened skin cells and promoting the growth of new collagen and elastin. Giving you

brighter, healthier and more youthful-looking skin.


Because a Vampire Facial works on healing and regenerating the cells in your skin, it can help give your face a more vibrant appearance. Dull, lacklustre skin can be brightened, wrinkles smoothed, large pores reduced and skin tone and texture improved.

Giving you not only fewer wrinkles and younger-looking skin but a brighter, firmer and healthier appearance too.



3D Dermaforce is the minimally invasive Microneedling/RF treatment that significantly rejuvenates and repairs your skin. The controlled application of tiny needles trigger your body to produce new collagen and elastin.

This, combined with the radio frequency energy, results in refreshed, tightened and plumper looking skin.

It's a fantastic treatment for those looking to improve their skin's appearance, including reducing lines and wrinkles, stretch marks and pigmentation with little to no downtime and optimal results seen after three treatments.

HydrO2 Facial

The HydrO2 uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate skin while infusing highly-effective serums tailored to your specific skin needs.

This unique process helps improve the appearance of several skin concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, skin firmness, texture, and pore congestion.


3D Vjuve is an advanced fractional COz laser offering visual rejuvenation for the face and body.


This treatment can target a wide range of aesthetic concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, skin surface irregularities and pigmentation.

COz laser technology penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, encouraging the body's healing process, stimulating cell renewal and promoting collagen production, resulting in noticeably smoother skin with fewer lines and a brighter complexion.


3D HIFU provides a quick and effective treatment to help combat some of the signs of ageing and restore youthful looking skin on the face as well as body.

This treatment targets deeper layers of the skin including the SMAS layer. The skin's regenerative process is activated using the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) energy.

HIFU causes collagen stimulation which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving the look and feel of loose skin.


Feel confident to reveal your skin with 3D Vasculase

- an advanced laser treatment offering an affordable solution for the effective removal of unwanted thread veins - with instant results*!

Thread veins or spider veins are extremely common among men and women, and although they're generally harmless, they can make some people feel very self conscious.


3D Vasculase treatment is a safe and effective way to banish thread veins and spider veins. This treatment breaks down the veins which are gradually dissolved and removed from the body.

* 3-5 treatments recommended.


The hydro 2 uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate skin while infusing highly-effective serums tailored to your specific skin needs.

This unique process helps improve the appearance of several skin concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, skin firmness, texture, and pore congestion.

Seventy Hyal Skin Booster

Seventy Hyal 2000 is a bio-stimulating, injectable skin booster intended to help treat the physiological depletion of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) within the skin. The supplementation of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) delivers moisture-surging hydration whilst simultaneously stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin.

Seventy Hyal 2000 makes for the perfect skin rejuvenation treatment to improve skin texture and skin laxity whilst adding gentle volume. Aside from helping to influence the structural and functional elements of the skin, the main unique selling points are: to hydrate, contour and add glow. Seventy Hyal 2000 can be used for facial enhancements to create a radiant appearance or alternatively, it can be used to rejuvenate the neck area, décolleté and hands.

Treatment Areas:
* Face
* Neck
* Décolleté
* Hands



Natural Looking Results
aesPlla® volumises the skin through collagen regeneration, offering softer and more natural-looking results than other dermal fillers. Treatment results are gradual and are enhanced over time, as the bio-stimulatory filler harmonises with the skin’s natural collagen production to create a fresher and smoother appearance.

Lasting Volume
aesPlla® offers long-term rejuvenation. Treatment results are gradual and longer-lasting than those of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. Results are visible from four weeks post-injection, lasting for up to 3 years. aesPlla® is a semi-permanent treatment that naturally biodegrades within the skin over time.

Collagen Regeneration
Collagen loss occurs at a rate of 1% per year after the age of 30, leading to facial volume loss. aesPlla® combats this depletion through the bio-stimulation of collagen regeneration for fast and effective rejuvenation.


aesPlla® provides a natural-looking solution to volume loss, utilising PLLA to stimulate collagen production for gradual volumisation and rejuvenation. The treatment is ideal for patients 30+ who are concerned with skin ageing, dermal deficiencies, laxity and areas prone to volume loss, such as the cheeks, temples, nasolabial and marionette lines.

Treating facial volume loss using aesPlla® is a gradual process that requires 3-4 treatments, spaced four weeks apart, in order to achieve optimal volumisation.

Lumi Eyes

Lumi Eyes deminishes dark under eye circles, moisturises and fights fine wrinkles. It will smooth and lift the skin under the eyes. The effect is visible after the first treatment.

Fill Med Skin Boosters

This brightening peel is designed to target pigmentation and to lighten and brighten the skin. A unique combination of ingredients taking the skins pH to 1.5 for superficial peeling. Bright Peel gives instant uniformity of the skin and works on long term improvement of pigmentation. This peel is ideal as an anti-ageing solution, for patients wanting to erase the first signs of ageing, without needles and injections.

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