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Body Treatments

3D Lipo

3D-Lipo is a powerful non-surgical approach to body contouring using safe wavelengths such as ultrasound cavitation, radio frequency and acoustic waves. These help destroy and permanently remove fat cells, tone and tighten the body contour. In our 3D-Lipo consultation we aim to provide a full bespoke plan of your needs and tailor a package best to suit you. With every course or treatment booked we honour your consultation charge as a pre-payment towards your treatment.

• No pain, non-surgical, non-invasive

• Must be available weekly

• Must keep to a healthy and active lifestyle

• Clients must drink 2 litres of water after treatment daily

• All clients will be measured and weighed with before and after photos

3D Powersculpt

Experience the rewards of intensive gym workouts without anv of the work. If you're looking for a non-surgical, body contouring treatment to target a specific area of your body, 3D Powersculpt is for you!

Imagine being able to do 20,000 squats or sit-ups all in one 30 minute session - this is exactly what 3D Powersculpt can do for you. Using the latest technology, this treatment can accelerate muscle growth and reduce fat on your chosen muscle group.

3D Powersculpt stimulates muscle tissue to an intensity that couldn't be possible through a regular workout. It is the perfect treatment for people at their ideal body weight who want to define their muscles and contour their body.

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