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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

The UK’s number one treatment for softening facial lines and wrinkles, this treatment involves the precise and targeted application of the muscle-relaxant botulinum toxin to specific areas of the face. 
You will have a consultation prior your anti-wrinkle injections by our nurse prescriber, before seeing aesthetic practitioner Tanya for treatment - you can feel confident you are being treated by an experienced practitioner with the knowledge of the facial muscles, to provide you with an effective but natural looking treatment. 
All treatments are personalised to each clients individual needs and Tanya can treat all area of the face and neck. 


Anti-wrinkle treatment is mildly invasive so if your looking for a less invasive procedure you can find out more about our 3D technologies 
Dermaforce, HIFU, Vjuve and Hydro2 treatments here.

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